Friday, August 14, 2009

So, about the lack of updates...

This year, I've been horrible with updates.

See, I was supposed to be on the road to Blizzcon, yesterday. Costume done or not, this afternoon was the drop dead day. I was really hoping it would still happen, but it won't. I've been laid up too much to finish the costume, or even manage to post shots of it. I can barely walk in the hooves, forget dance, at this point.

Back around April, my health started taking a serious nose dive. I already have a chronic condition, but things went from manageable to worse and worse. It's somewhat managed again at this point, but I'm still in constant pain.

I got the call from my doctor's office late this afternoon. Absolutely no flying. Absolutely no going on long trips alone. Something showed up on the latest MRI, and they want to check with another specialist. Going on a long trip before they know what it is would be ill advised, to say the least.
And before anyone says cancer - no. It's not cancer. We are 100% positive it is not cancer or any form of cancer. And we're 99% certain it's not going to kill me now or even next year. But it is leaving me exhausted and in too much pain to even think about traveling.

So, not only will I not be in costume, I won't be able to attend Blizzcon at all. Unfortunately, even if I were able to attend, I'm forced to concede that I'd be unable to enjoy it. I'm just in too much pain; I wouldn't even be able to walk the convention hall.

I hate conceding defeat more than anything else, but I really don't have a choice. Hopefully, later in the year, when this is cleared up, I'll be able to finish up the costume.

Unfortunately, this was to be my last Blizzcon. I will not be attending Blizzcon 2010. I realized several key things. WoW is going in directions I do not agree with or like; WoW turned into a job; WoW just wasn't fun any more. Certainly, Blizzcon is about more than just Warcraft, but Warcraft is why I attended. (Sorry, I'm just not that into Starcraft or Diablo.)
This isn't to say I might not show up as a Tauren somewhere else, in the future. Certainly, I would like to - Cassinae is a wonderful character in so many ways. My muse truly blessed me with her. And someday, people will get to meet her in the flesh so to speak. Unfortunately, it will not be at Blizzcon.

Good luck out there. Hopefully I'll have something less depressing to post soon.