Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates will be slow in coming

Please let me apologize in advance here. This is due to circumstances out of my control. Otherwise known as the reasons why I can never, ever take vacations.

My coworker fell deathly ill - quite literally - on Friday night. There's only two of us covering the entire department. I got a voicemail from him this morning, and he'll be out for three to four weeks at least recovering. So I will be covering everything for that long.
Obviously, this will make it pretty damned hard to update you all on things, and get the last remnants of the trip itself sorted out. I'm dialed in to the office already as the urgent things start piling up.

This is why I can never take vacations.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Home! 10/18/2008

It's official, they can turn out the lights at Blizzcon. The last person is finally home safe and sound.

Lory and I had a wonderful week in California, and a wonderful drive. I have various entries typed up on my laptop, but I'm too tired and sore to put them in tonight. Later on this week I'll put them up. We have over 8GB of photos from the trip.

For now, I'm tired. I'll be on AIM. imalamuya -at- gmail -dot- com is both my email and my AIM name.

Summary: Too many lines, really long drive back, had a blast, Amana, IA has awesome food, definitely try the Tangerine Chicken, Coco's is epic win, I need to drink more often, and don't stay at Motel 6 if you can afford better - realized after spending the night at one.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello from Utah, 10/8/08

For future reference, I70 through Utah? Avoid at night. Avoid period. "Damaged road" is a cheery way of saying "Bo and Luke ain't got SHIT on you after this. If you survive." "Frequent Deer and Elk Crossings" is "Dodge The Moving Animals," and you get real familiar with "Ranch Exit." Oh, and no services for over a hundred miles.

We're currently in Center City, UT, a touch past I70-I15. We'll be riding I15 the rest of the way into California, and I forget where it goes from there. Not much progress has been made on the costume.

I need to talk to Clover, and see how many gigs of room are available on I have about 3GB of hi res images from Colorado, which is some of the most beautiful travel in the world.

But for now, sleep.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Belated Update, 10/7/08

Last Thursday, the main joint between the face construction and the skull broke.

I'm writing this from Fort Morgan, Colorado. I've made every attempt to fix things, but those 5 days without power just ran down the clock too hard. It's unlikely that I'll be able to repair in time, or finish in time now. *sigh* Left on Saturday for Michigan, spent the night at my handler's, then made for points west. Day one ended in Des Moines, Iowa. Let me say two things; Motel 6 wireless sucks, Des Moines rebuilt really quickly, there is a fuckton of corn between Michigan and anywhere west, and if you do not make a point to stop in Amana, IA and stop at the Village Inn, I will personally warstomp you. And don't think I won't; I have hooves.

Trip has been rather uneventful, save driving through some nasty storms and rain. And finding out that most places in Iowa and Nebraska have never heard of 91+ Octane. My Regal is less than pleased with their Ethanol tainted fuel substitute. I will have to draw an illustration of what these farmers can do with their corn.

Might be in Anaheim by Wednesday. Post more when I have time.