Monday, May 4, 2009

Long time, no write!

Well. I kind of disappeared there after Blizzcon - you can thank work for that I'm afraid. Yes, I'm still alive. I just dove right into one giant rat's nest of problems and it never improved, sadly. As soon as I'd fix one, another would pop up to replace it. We finally went live on our upgrade, but I was already up to my eyeballs in planning our upgrades. Then?
Well. Last Friday, I was laid off. No warning, except the knowledge that the company was not doing so well overall. They decided to restructure IT, and being the newest hire, I was first - but not alone - on the chopping block. I can't say that anyone who's still there has any confidence in this restructuring doing anything but harm, but it's well out of my hands.

What does this mean for Blizzcon this year? Well.
Yes. I'm still the Cow Level. That's not changing. This year is going to be a different cow. This year will also involve far less real leather and fur, as it's hideously expensive and hard to work with. It will make up for this by employing electronics.
No. I'm not going to disclose much of anything yet. But it's now 3 months to Blizzcon (give or take a week or two!) so it's time to get cracking. This year, I plan to actually buy tickets instead of having to beg for them. ;)
I may also be selling some various sewing things to help pay for expenses. Also, if possible, I plan to auction one or two tickets to help pay for expenses. Watch here for updates on all of that.

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