Friday, May 22, 2009

The consumerism begins!

Vendor dump!

This year, the mane is being sourced from CosWorx since they now have pre-wefted extensions. (And excellent customer service! They didn't have the color I wanted listed, so they added it.) Epic mane is epic - four pounds of synthetic on it's way to my door.
This year's staff is coming from a friend, who hasn't sent me the link for the rest of you yet. It will be nothing short of "OMG OSSUM."
Much of the electronic components will be coming from Digi-Key. Highly recommended; I've done business with them for years. They have excellent customer service, and amazing stock, even for small orders.

Parts I'm still looking for include the fur - 4-way stretch short-pile has proven difficult to find, though not as bad as trying to color and texture match last year. I'm also trying to find smaller EL Panels that can be driven by battery pack. (I definitely do not need 60"x300ft!) Sadly, EL Wire looks like it can't handle the bends I need to do with it.

Also, I've changed the template of this blog. Hopefully this will make it easier to read. :)

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Wynthea said...

Oh, I can't wait to see you at Blizzcon!!! Good luck with everything, and thanks for keeping us updated. (We can haz pikturs?)