Saturday, September 20, 2008

Picture Update, 9/20/08

Descriptions not necessary.

Yes, I can walk in them. Yes, I have the Tauren walk down.


Nessa said...

I hope you didn't pay too much for those. This is purely contructional and for your own benefit since I know how much you want this costume to look accurate. But those boots don't look at all like Tauren legs, the shape those boots yield does not mirror the Tauren's. They really just like high heeled boots. Sure there's not heel, but nontheless, they still look like -boots-.

Anonymous said...

I guess I see were Nessa is coming from. Are you going to put fur/leather on the boot? Cuz if not, then yes, it looks like a boot. But if you're gonna put the leather/fur/whatever you're using over the boot part and leave the shiny black hoof part open, then it will look fantastic because unlike what Nessa do have the shape.