Friday, September 5, 2008

Updated, 9/5/08

Going to be very, very short. I am way behind. I am totally panicking. :(
Gloves are near to being ready for final cuts and sewing. I may have to hand sew the Springbok tops, which is a huge, huge problem because of how much time it takes. The body is going alright, but needs to be assembled, and I've run into a huge, huge problem with the #2 padding assembly on the shoulders. I may dump the shoulder padding completely as a result.
The head is still not even started, having so many ugly ugly problems with it. The gloves are going not so good too, after catching a fatal flaw in the pattern thankfully before cutting Springbok.

I need help with this so bad at this point. But for now, I'm just feeling sick. :(

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david santos said...

Great work!!!
Have a nice weekend.