Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts, 8/19/08

No pictures again, sorry. No real progress to show tonight. It was a rough day at work.

So, instead, some random thoughts on Tauren. Firstly, why did they have to let horny 14 year olds design our chests? Pamela Anderson would have trouble filling them out properly. On a very related note, cutting foam is a pain in the neck when you lack an electric knife or a hot knife. I'm still trying to figure out how to stitch the padding properly so that I'm not overstretching the lining. The outer layer will be easier, since I can cheat by slicing down the middle and using a binding. I still don't understand all the people who made non-refundable reservations for accommodations and flights before August. You don't really get that much better pricing going that far out, and it's usually easier to get refundable tickets that far out!

It's also easy to let yourself get distracted when you encounter difficulty, like by updating your blog.


Temp said...

So just wondering, have you actually found someone that has two tickets for you yet? Or are you just hoping someone will have a heart?

Wilson said...

good luck with your proposal ^_^

Yetama said...

As to tickets, pretty much just hoping and praying at this point. I'm open to other offers, but I'd really rather not deal with the folks who bought tickets just to sell them.