Saturday, August 23, 2008

URGENT! Need ONE ticket to Blizzcon '08 and volunteer handlers!

Excuse me if I am a little.. hyperactive? Excited? Ecstatic? Oh hell with it.

Yes, I'm one of the lucky winners! The Tauren is confirmed go for Blizzcon 2008! I will be there! But there is a small snag. I need one more ticket for my handler. This is a very, very good friend of mine, who will be attending to me while I'm in costume, and also was supposed to get this as a graduation gift. Why do I need him? Well, I cannot be left unattended in my costume for even one minute, due to the severe restrictions on my vision and mobility. Remember, I'm going to be in hooves. He's also already trained on the various signals necessary to keep me out of trouble.

So, here's what you'll get in exchange for just ONE Blizzcon ticket! We think it's well worth the price of admission!
  • A seat in a 2003 Buick Regal with Dual-Zone Climate Control! (And leather.)
  • Arrive in true Horde style with "SHUHALO" vanity plates.
  • All of your meals on the road, paid for!
  • All of your accomodations on the road, paid for!
  • Accommodations at Blizzcon, paid for! (You'll be sharing with us.) - we have a King/Double Concierge!
  • My eternal gratitude and written promise to NOT cry on you.
  • Getting your picture taken with a lunatic in a full-body Tauren costume!

What's YOUR end of the bargain?
  • Have one paid for and confirmed Blizzcon 2008 ticket for someone who can no longer attend.
  • Be located between Cleveland Ohio and Anaheim California!
  • Be packed and ready to go when we show up!
  • Travel relatively light - no more than two suitcases, please!
  • Must be 21+ with a valid and current driver's license for your state of residence!
  • Must not object to smoking in the car, but non-smokers welcome. We try to mind our smoke. Hotel rooms will be smoking or non-smoking by your preference, when possible.
  • Provide occasional assistance to a Tauren cosplayer between panels and events.
    This mostly will be assisting with area control during certain complex movements to prevent injury and carrying an emergency contact card with you.
  • Bring your own camera and towel!
Things we still won't pay for...
  • You'll be responsible for your meals at Blizzcon proper, but we're happy to join you!
  • The six t-shirts and four posters you want from the Blizzard Store.
  • Going out drinking with your friends, though we're happy to give you a ride if you need it.
  • Your admission to Disneyland! We MAY be attending the parade!
    If anyone can put me in touch with a Disneyland employee who can discuss the costume policies, it would be greatly appreciated!
  • No matter HOW awesome that stunt was, we are STILL not going to bail you out of jail!
Still an awesome deal any way you slice it! We'd really rather you don't though, as cars do not work so well then. :)

Volunteer Handlers!
Wanna herd cows? Sorry, I'm the only Tauren confirmed for Blizzcon '08. But you can herd a cow at least! It's pretty easy, as you'll be taking direction from my lead handler. Your primary responsibilities will basically consist of giving me a heads up on photographers, keeping people who want a photo at a safe distance and telling those who want me to pose with them where and when I'll be doing that, carrying bottled water or empties, keeping the populace at a safe distance, and assisting me in getting to "safe" areas in the event I need to remove the head. (The head does NOT come off in public. First rule of the job.)

Leave a comment here, or send an email to yetama -at- error404 -dot- nls -dot- net!


Trillianne said...

Did you try entering the blizzconsweepstakes by some of their sponsor partners?

GL and I hope to see you there!

Yetama said...

Thanks, we're definitely gonna need it.

We looked at it, but can't use it. I have my ticket already, and I can't fly - I have to drive. Plus we're already booked at the Anabella. They're doing the whole package, all or nothing. :(